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 The International Center for Nonviolence and Peace Development (ICNPD) is one of the most inuential and internationally acclaimed organizations structured to further the cause of Youth empowerment via fundamental Peace building education. The ICNPD youth “connecting futures” reach cuts across gender, religion, creed and culture as it holistically advocates empowerment for youths across global lines and opportunities!

Over the years, ICNPD has successfully partnered several bodies across the nation and beyond, renewing the commitment and understanding of youths towards further embracing the peace process through empowerment geared at independence.



The organization has a fundamental grasp of the vacancies available the world over for youths as well as the healthy career lines that are accessible to them. It is therefore not surprising that several youths have enjoyed ICNPD’s international skills acquisition exposure in the United states of America, United Arab Emirates and South Africa. At dierent levels of the Nonviolence training, ICNPD has partnered FEHN to sponsor youths for capacity building Programs.


Another ovation worthy package which ICNPD organized for youths is the skills acquisition training sponsored by the Federal Government of Nigeria via the oce of the special Adviser to the president on Niger Delta Aairs. ICNPD in conjunction with the largest cladding company in the Middle East Proclad Group of Companies have successfully trained youths in various skills like Pipeline Welding, Electrical Installation as well as Health Safety and Environment (H.S.E) where over 500 youths have successfully graduated with internationally acclaimed certications.


A most remarkable achievement is the job placement which ICNPD procured for some of these youths after the completion of their training. Currently over 50 of them are fully employed by the Proclad Group of companies as professional welders. Some of these youths have also been employed by ICNPD as support sta on various projects.



Some of the fully employed trainees ICNPD amongst several projects partnered The Foundation for Ethnic harmony in Nigeria (FEHN) on some programmes which are as follows;

• The first ever Nigeria forever Project.
• Training and transforming Akwa Ibom States sponsored youths for Nonviolence training.
• The 2007 Global Nonviolence Conference held in Abuja on Nonviolence and Peace
• The Message to Schools Project.
• The Community Relations Interface project in the Niger Delta Region.

ICNPD is also affiliated with the University of Rhode Island, Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies.
ICNPD continues to train youths sponsored by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Amnesty program in Proclad Academy, UAE.