Several laurels and counting



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Several laurels and counting







FEHN has a reputation of being able to activate projects and have them sustained, retaining content and quality. The several acclaims received by FEHN both within the country and internationally reassert their commendable effort in the wake of eradicating ills in Nigeria.


It is not then surprising that internationally they are recognized to wit:

- Introduction of Nonviolence Education in Nigeria.

- FEHN was visited by members of the Gandhi family.

- The presence of Dr. Bernice King (Martin Luther King’s daughter) in South Africa during one of FEHN’s trainings.

-The honour to have Harry Bella Fonte, a renowned American Human Rights activist and film maker visit FEHN in South Africa.

- The presence of the legendary Nelson Mandela’s physician in South Africa.

Winning the hosting rights for the Global Conference on Nonviolence and Peace which was approved by the United Nations in 2007.


Nigeria, thus becomes the microcosm for FEHN’s endorsement of a world where growth, development and transformation would come into limelight due to the connection of changed minds, determined to work together, come what may.