Level I Nonviolence training in Nigeria



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Level I Nonviolence training in Nigeria

To date FEHN has, at the Level I stage, trained over 585 youths selected by the NDDC at our training facility in Akodo, Lagos. The trainings were held under the tutelage of professional trainers from the University of Rhode Island Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies, Kingston U.S.A., led by Dr. Bernard LaFayette Jr. As the training sessions progressed, the futility in the use of aggression received clarity as the participants were taught the undeniable power of positive peace achievable only through the use of Nonviolence.

Its constructive nature found credence as participants realized its ability to promote social transformation, build relationships and foster regeneration. A major landmark in the impartation of knowledge in Nonviolence is the graphical illustration which builds the blend of contacts participants have with the course. During all the training batches, documentaries are shown to have a thorough grasp of the philosophy.



Like any other field of human endeavor, hard work was not left unrewarded, as having successfully passed their examinations, candidates were honored with certificates during their graduation ceremonies. Barrister Allen Onyema, FEHN National Chairman congratulated the successful participants as they have not just become knowledgeable in the use of Nonviolence but also as individuals; a transformation has taken place. He reasserted the need for them to remain agents of change which is the only way sustainable development can be maintained.

The need to put the Kingian Nonviolence philosophy in full play was stressed by Barrister Allen Onyema which would draw the attention of other youths inculcating the zeal to learn. During the graduation ceremony of the Niger Delta youths, sponsored by NDDC under the approval of the Federal Government of Nigeria under the presidency of President Musa Yar’ Adua, Barrister Allen Onyema thanked the President for having so much faith in the Nigerian youths and investing in their transformation.

Amongst several dignitaries present were Chief Timi Alaibe, the NDDC Managing Director and the Political Officer of the American consulate in Nigeria, Mrs. Helena Schrader, who represented the American embassy in Nigeria.