Capacity building training in the USA.



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Capacity building training in the USA.

The zeal of Nonviolence training in Nigeria reels off in yet another training quest. On the 22nd of August, 2008, FEHN set out for the United States for capacity building training. The training took place in the University of Rhode Island, Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies. The capacity building programme was aimed at building the capacity of core FEHN staff and some selected resource persons in the management, administration and establishment of Nonviolence centres which the Global Nonviolence Board mandated FEHN to set up in Nigeria. The dynamics of team work and practicals were not left out. Participants had several forums of interaction sharing views on leadership, challenges envisaged and possible prospects. Upon the completion of the coaching sessions participants wrote examinations and successful candidates were certified. On the 4th of September, they all returned to Nigeria.

The capacity building programme is a course that is slated to run for 90 days. However, FEHN's intensive and extensive engagements in Nigeria would not allow for a straight run of the course hence, the duration of 13 days training at any given time. That is, the programme is staggered to make each participant do 7 trips at different times to the USA for the programme.

The course participants are exposed during this programme to different institutions and centres of Nonviolence in the USA among which is the King Centre in Atlanta.


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